Case Study
Kennesaw State University Registrar Graduation How-To Hooding Videos

The Need

The KSU Registrar’s office needed a way to ensure instructions were clear for Masters and Doctoral graduates on the proper way to wear their graduation regalia correctly, to go through the ceremony process prior, during hooding, and after when walking across the stage.

The Solution

An instructional video for both types of hooding.

KSU How-To Hooding Video, Masters Program


Our team took notes of each step that were very different for the Masters and Doctoral hooding ceremony and filmed various shot sizes ranging from closeups to wide angle footage and emphasized the key steps with titles to help clarify instructions.

KSU How-To Hooding Video, Doctoral Program

Client Testimonial

“Slate828 Productions was fantastic in the creation and production of our video for graduating students. Their team is excellent to work with.”
Pau Parker, Executive Director

Client Profile

Executive Director: Pau Parker


Video Production: Slate828 Productions

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