Case Study
The Waterproof Group

The Need

With so many waterproofing companies in metro Atlanta, The Waterproof Group needed a way to differentiate to attract prospective customers as well as candidates to expand their team. They also wanted homeowners and property owners to be more proactive in identifying water issues earlier to prevent a more costly repair and also to help make their projects less reliant on the rainy season and more spread out throughout the year.

The Solution

We produced different videos to achieve this:
A video montage that quickly pointed out key messages was used as the hero video on their website landing page.
A more in-depth video gave viewers a better sense of the team, their personalities, expertise and genuine care to their community.

Short video clips on each team member on the About Us page of their website showcased their personalities, allowing viewers to get to know them virtually.

We also animated their logo and came up with the tagline Stressproof, Problemproof with the Waterproof Group to tie in the value they bring and their company name/brand..

The Waterproof Group Hero Video Montage

The Waterproof Group About Us Culture Video

About Us | Team Video Clips:


After a few strategy sessions to understand their business and the competition, we came up with a creative concept to focus on ways to identify waterproofing needs MUCH earlier (musty smells, stains and other identifiers), to introduce the team and to give a glimpse of the company culture. We filmed each team member while we had a conversation with them, asking about various jobs that best highlighted their expertise, pain points they solve and what sets them apart.

Animated Logo

Client Testimonial

“We enjoyed working with Slate 828 to film our company video. They were professional and approached our project like a little movie project! Their team was on top of acquiring the shots we needed to show our story for our company. The editing was great, and really brought all of our shots together seamlessly to keep the viewer focused on us. I recommend these folks if you need a good production crew for your company video or other film project.”
Eric Morris, Founder and CEO

Client Profile

Founder and CEO: Eric Morris


Video Production: Slate828 Productions

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