A day in the life

Show your world so others can relate in a deeper way.

Give them a glimpse

Stand out from the competition

Attract talent

Show what it’s like to work in a specific area or role at your organization to attract the talent that best fits. Give people an idea of what it’s like beyond job descriptions which could include meetings, projects, company socials, team interactions and more.

51% of US consumers say they feel the need to connect with and better understand others through video content.
– US Study by Google and Omnicom Media Group

According to the study, this desire to learn about the lives of ordinary people is exemplified by the rise in uploads of day in the life videos on YouTube, which show the moments of people’s daily routines.

Personal injury attorneys

Show impact of injury 

Show an audience who their client is and what his or her life is like as a result of an injury. Videos are more impactful in highlighting the daily struggles of a catastrophically injured person.

Assault & battery
Car crash
Medical malpractice

Personal injury

Workers compensation

See their life now

How We Work

Our Process


We talk

We meet with you to identify the parts of your day that would resonate the most with viewers so that they can connect with you.

We talk some more

The day of filming arrives. No need to be nervous because you will just be going about your day and chatting with us along the way.

You get a film

We deliver a motion-picture grade short film capturing the key parts of a day in your life. Use it to make an impact on your audience.