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Video headshots

We are biologically wired to connect emotionally with people. Trust and credibility are established when we get to know someone. 

What if you could start that connection without being in person? You can! With a professional headshot and a short video, people get a glimpse of you BEFORE you meet.

Establish your personal brand and stand out with a cohesive look of a professional headshot AND video. The video will showcase your personality and authenticity and immediately set you apart in a dynamic and engaging way.

Prospective clients
Make a connection before you meet.

Business and referral partners Show your knowledge and passion.
Potential employers Stand out from all the other resumes.

Examples of how it would look on a “Meet the Team” page!

Showcase your personality, build trust and create a connection

Get immediate value!

How to use video headshots

Here are great use cases for video headshots and we can show you how:

Website “about” or “meet the team” pages
LinkedIn profile or featured sections
Email signature
QR code: link directly to video
Showcase your video headshot

Getting comfortable

What if I’m camera shy?

Check out the “Behind the Scenes” footage and bloopers to see the most camera-shy people having fun…. and so can you!