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As filmmakers passionately focused on everyday people, the team at Slate828 Productions brings motion-picture grade quality to Main Street. Their decades of experience in film production, sales and marketing elevate the work they produce.

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Jeane Gutierrez

Founder • Producer

Jeane loves an engaging conversation. She loves it even more over great coffee or a tasty cocktail.

She is a graduate of Louisiana State University, a collaborator and content creator who connects with a diverse network of people. Capturing their stories on film and connecting them with others makes what she does an even bigger bonus.

After producing award-winning work in advertising, Jeane spent over 20 years in high tech and healthcare sales, where she consistently exceeded revenue goals. Her roles in executive management and sales included producing videos for marketing promotions, product demos and training to align with sales goals that produced actionable results. Little did she know that would one day come in handy when she and her husband, Bobby combined their experience and knowledge to produce stories of ordinary people.

Jeane loves traveling, soaking up the culture all over the world, hiking scenic routes, trying different cuisines, exploring and binge-watching great shows with Bobby. And of course, spending time with their children, family and friends. She hopes to find more time for reading, yoga and tennis.

Raymone Jennings

Cinematographer • Drone Pilot • Editor

Raymone’s creativity and passion knows no bounds. He goes the extra mile to explore unique perspectives and get the money shots.

Born and built in Stone Mountain GA, Raymone graduated from Kennesaw State University’s Media and Entertainment Program where he developed his signature style and techniques. His interest in film and photography and of course a bit of destiny, led him to taking filmmaking courses taught by Professor Bobby G.

Raymone launched his professional career in 2019 and has since produced projects from creative business marketing videos to epic travel content. He continues making his in mark in the media industry as a young and talented Atlanta-based cinematographer. In Raymone’s downtime, he enjoys searching for the next opportunity of new experiences whether it be traveling, partying, or making new friends. His camera bag is always by his side because he knows inspiration can happen when it’s least expected.

Mike Gaston

Cinematographer • Editor • Photographer

Michael’s cinematic thought process is always tuning. A huge movie buff, he fell in love with how films make him feel. Color grading, mixing sound and music, as well as acting give him the chance to escape reality to be a part of someone else’s creative world.

He is a Kennesaw State University graduate, basketball trainer by day and an event photographer by night around the Atlanta area. Michael’s dream is to produce an Oscar award-winning film, as well as owning a creative agency where he can bring dope visuals to life.

James Pechman

Cinematographer • Editor • Graphic Designer

James’ creative mind is always on. Combined with his fascination in the latest tech, James looks to the future for unique and cutting-edge ways to make his vision a reality.

His primary role is a digital media producer and online content creator. James also contributes to developing brands and evolving his clients’ online presence through video and photo editing, cinematography and graphic design. His comprehensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud programs can be seen in promotional adverts and motion graphics from shirt designs to animated graphics.

James is a graduate of Kennesaw State University and a 7-year veteran of Live Variety Broadcaster on Twitch, where he handles all facets of production. His body of work has earned him a place in the top 3% of channels on Twitch. James is also an avid gamer who owns over 600 games across 11 systems, which means he is always prepared for the next quest.

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  1. Create a promotional video for your business, showcasing your team or customer testimonials
  2. Document you or a loved one’s memories and thoughts to share as a digital legacy
  3. Film you training or presenting content in an engaging and memorable way

What they're saying about us

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“In 2020, during the Pandemic and as my momma was battling an aggressive cancer diagnosis, a sweet friend connected us with Jean and Bobby Guiterrez who helped our family create a documemory - a compiled, edited , professional video highlighting my momma's life, her heart and her legacy. They were sensitive to each one of us as we shared stories and memories from our lifetime of loving her, and were so very kind with our hurting hearts once she passed. This video they created is a true treasure and a legacy gift in our family. Thank you Jeane and Bobby!
God Bless”


“I loved how you added personal family photographs and footage. A talking head can get boring, even when you love the the talker and the story. Adding images to augment the interview brings more depth and enriches the viewing experience. Nice work.”


“There was a camera and a bright light but all that faded when Bobby and Jeane began a conversation about my life... their warm, friendly questions helped me focus on recounting family memories that might otherwise be lost to my nieces and nephews...”

Jane M.

“I loved how they pulled the best parts of a fun conversation into a short film about me I can share with people. It felt very natural and definitely shows the real me.”

Kelly L.

“I knew I had some amazing and funny stories, but now watching my own DocuMemory with other family members chiming in, I KNOW I have an amazing life and family. Bobby and Jeane produced something we can watch over and over and will forever cherish.”

Dan G.

“It was a fun experience to answer questions I haven’t been asked before. When I watched it, I didn’t know I was so interesting!”

Tom H.

“I don’t usually like being in front of a camera, but I felt comfortable and liked being able to talk in Chinese. Since my story is subtitled, I’m happy my grandchildren will be able to understand and know more about me.”

Judy H.