We capture your life in a DocuMemory™

Bringing Hollywood-quality to main street

Capture memories that will last for generations

How do you want to be remembered?
Share your stories, thoughts, and memories with loved ones in a motion-picture grade short film. Anytime. Anywhere.

We want to capture your heart

Camera shy? Don’t worry.

We specialize in making you the focus.

Just sit back, relax and have an engaging chat over coffee, tea or a cocktail with us. Our chat will illuminate what matters while we capture your story, your personality and your special mannerisms.

Recount your moments

Shine the light on them

A lasting legacy for you

We work with groups of senior adults to provide a comfortable environment to share their most memorable life stories and experiences.

We work with:

Church Groups

Families and Family Reunions
Senior Communities

How we work

Our process


We talk

It starts with a meeting. We ask questions. We learn incredible things about you.

We talk some more

The day of filming arrives. No need to be nervous. We just have a conversation over coffee, tea or a cocktail and help you unearth moments you may have forgotten.

You get a film

We deliver a motion-picture grade short film capturing your personality, telling us the aha moments of your life. Your family and friends get a deeper connection to you they can cherish forever.

What they're saying about us

Read our reviews

“In 2020, during the Pandemic and as my momma was battling an aggressive cancer diagnosis, a sweet friend connected us with Jean and Bobby Guiterrez who helped our family create a documemory - a compiled, edited , professional video highlighting my momma's life, her heart and her legacy. They were sensitive to each one of us as we shared stories and memories from our lifetime of loving her, and were so very kind with our hurting hearts once she passed. This video they created is a true treasure and a legacy gift in our family. Thank you Jeane and Bobby!
God Bless”


“I loved how you added personal family photographs and footage. A talking head can get boring, even when you love the the talker and the story. Adding images to augment the interview brings more depth and enriches the viewing experience. Nice work.”


“There was a camera and a bright light but all that faded when Bobby and Jeane began a conversation about my life... their warm, friendly questions helped me focus on recounting family memories that might otherwise be lost to my nieces and nephews...”

Jane M.

“I loved how they pulled the best parts of a fun conversation into a short film about me I can share with people. It felt very natural and definitely shows the real me.”

Kelly L.

“I knew I had some amazing and funny stories, but now watching my own DocuMemory with other family members chiming in, I KNOW I have an amazing life and family. Bobby and Jeane produced something we can watch over and over and will forever cherish.”

Dan G.

“It was a fun experience to answer questions I haven’t been asked before. When I watched it, I didn’t know I was so interesting!”

Tom H.

“I don’t usually like being in front of a camera, but I felt comfortable and liked being able to talk in Chinese. Since my story is subtitled, I’m happy my grandchildren will be able to understand and know more about me.”

Judy H.