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We help creators tell their story and leave an impression, so they get noticed.
We capture the interesting parts of what inspired you to create your art or come up with your idea and why it’s important to get others to notice and take action.

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Your EPK is your resume as a musician

We make your EPK stand out so you can focus on your music

We put the spotlight on you!

Your Electronic Pitch Kit helps to understand who you are, what you’ve done and why they should care about you. So it’s important that this is not only thorough, but a true expression of your heart and your style.

That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to developing your EPK. We can update your existing EPK or build it from the ground up! 

How we work

Our process



We meet with the musician to get to know you and understand your goals and how we can best showcase you.


Our film crew will choose a location and bring our cinematic-quality audio, video and lighting equipment to shoot your film.


Our team will edit the footage to create a cinematic expression that showcases your music and style.

File Delivery

We will send you the file so you can download the assets for your EPK. We also offer plans to store your EPK as a live website, where you can continue to share it over the years.

What they're saying about us

Read our reviews

“In 2020, during the Pandemic and as my momma was battling an aggressive cancer diagnosis, a sweet friend connected us with Jean and Bobby Guiterrez who helped our family create a documemory - a compiled, edited , professional video highlighting my momma's life, her heart and her legacy. They were sensitive to each one of us as we shared stories and memories from our lifetime of loving her, and were so very kind with our hurting hearts once she passed. This video they created is a true treasure and a legacy gift in our family. Thank you Jeane and Bobby!
God Bless”


“I loved how you added personal family photographs and footage. A talking head can get boring, even when you love the the talker and the story. Adding images to augment the interview brings more depth and enriches the viewing experience. Nice work.”


“There was a camera and a bright light but all that faded when Bobby and Jeane began a conversation about my life... their warm, friendly questions helped me focus on recounting family memories that might otherwise be lost to my nieces and nephews...”

Jane M.

“I loved how they pulled the best parts of a fun conversation into a short film about me I can share with people. It felt very natural and definitely shows the real me.”

Kelly L.

“I knew I had some amazing and funny stories, but now watching my own DocuMemory with other family members chiming in, I KNOW I have an amazing life and family. Bobby and Jeane produced something we can watch over and over and will forever cherish.”

Dan G.

“It was a fun experience to answer questions I haven’t been asked before. When I watched it, I didn’t know I was so interesting!”

Tom H.

“I don’t usually like being in front of a camera, but I felt comfortable and liked being able to talk in Chinese. Since my story is subtitled, I’m happy my grandchildren will be able to understand and know more about me.”

Judy H.

Keep the focus on your music

Get under the spotlight

What should be in your EPK

It’s important that your Electronic Pitch Kit not only is a reflection of who you are and what you do, but it’s also important to make sure that it does that in all the right ways, that’s why we recommend including the following items:

Contact info

Links to your social media

Motion picture quality promotional video

Press or reviews

Professional headshot & photos

Your bio

Your past & future engagements