Case Study
Cobb County Business Bootcamp

The Need

A new program, created to help small, minority-owned business owners and those dreaming of starting their own businesses in Cobb County, needed a way to clearly explain their mission and its benefits, and to get the word out to recruit candidates.

The Solution

We produced two videos intended for 2 different audiences to ensure all qualified candidates knew about this tremendous opportunity.

One video focused on educating and inspiring strategic partners who also have a mission to help business owners succeed. The goal was to show how they could be part of a life changing endeavor by guiding qualified candidates to apply with CCBB as a resource for their clients that meet criteria, creating an ongoing pipeline of business owners in need.

The second video focused on appealing to business owners, creating a celebratory feeling for already taking that entrepreneurial step, and educating them on the exciting resources available to ensure they succeed in their ultimate business goals.

Cobb County Business Boot Camp Partner Video

View video on Cobb County Business Bootcamp’s website:


Working backwards from the program’s goals and definition of success, our team came up with the types of videos needed, the message and creative direction to resonate with 2 different audiences. We also hired actors to represent a few profiles of minority business owners to illustrate some examples of struggles that would resonate and compel qualified candidates to apply.

Cobb County Business Boot Camp Applicant Video

Client Testimonial

“Slate828 is an amazing team to work with. I’ve worked with them 3 or 4 times. Once you work with this group, there is no need to shop around.”
Brian Kramer, President

“If you are looking for a branded film that will truly make you stand out from the competition, then Slate828 Productions is who you want to talk to.
They made a strong impression from the very start of the process. Our initial discussion wasn’t about angles or lenses, it was about purpose and strategy. This conversation then led us to the content, or how to best tell the story that would truly allow myself to connect with the audience and best represent my business. As a branding strategist, I understand how important it is to create a narrative thread that carries a purpose and leads to a final deliverable that makes an impression.

During the recording of the video, their team made sure that I was at ease in front of the camera. Their conversational style and commitment to create a friendly atmosphere resulted in a video that felt natural and spontaneous and that has become an important marketing tool that I share with my clients and use on my website.

I highly recommend Slate828 Productions to anyone who wants to create an impression and grow their business. Their videos deliver Hollywood-level quality right here in Atlanta.”
Mike Albuquerque, Director of Marketing and IT

Client Profile

President: Brian Kramer Website: Video Production: Slate828 Productions

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