Recruiting | Testimonial Case Study
GreatHouse Remodeling

The Need

GreatHouse Remodeling had more referrals and projects than team members to do the work and couldn’t find the right people to apply for the open positions.

The Solution

We produced a compelling recruiting video to attract the right candidates. It captures what sets GreatHouse apart, highlighting all their differentiators, company culture and values and employee perks: (family oriented, work-life balance, profit sharing and apprenticeships with plenty of ice cream).

We also produced a general promotional video with client testimonials to show validation of the quality of work they do and the enthusiasm for repeat business they get from trust and relationships.

Used: Website, social media, emailed to recruiters and prospects

GreatHouse Remodeling Recruiting Video

View video on GreatHouse Remodeling’s website:


We filmed action shots of their team at work as well as during their off hours to give a glimpse of what to expect, and the company culture. To ensure natural responses, we had a conversation with each person, asked them strategic questions, and captured their fun personality and stories because we connect more when we see emotion and authenticity.

GreatHouse General Promo Video with Testimonials

Behind the scenes

Client Profile

Owner: Tim Piendel


Video Production: Slate828 Productions

Hiring Process: Business Innovation Team

Website Design: Mass Appeal Agency

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