Case Study
Cobb County Safety Village

The Need

Cobb County Safety Village is a unique place with a mission to prevent death and injuries in children and seniors through immersive education. Their foundation, volunteers and board are all passionate about the impact it continues to have on the residents of Cobb County, but all found it difficult to describe or explain. A consistent message was important, especially when trying to get funding or sponsorships to grow.

The Solution

We produced 3 videos as tools that were easy to share that explained the story of Safety Village to help viewers on an education journey, each expanding on the one before it. The videos help ensure a standard message, hitting all the key points.

Video 1: The intent of the first video is to grab attention immediately to the uniqueness of the village and answer what it does, for who, and why it’s so important. 

Video 2: If they are intrigued enough to want to learn more, they then can watch a longer video that explains in more detail all the benefits to the community.

Video 3: Finally, a targeted video for the companies or organizations that have been inspired by the 1st 2 videos can better understand how they can be involved and what their sponsorship or donations specifically impact.

We also cut up all the videos into much shorter clips to share on various social media platforms.

Used: Website, forwarding directly to potential donors, e-mail campaigns and social media clips

What is Cobb County Safety Village?


Through strategic conversation, we captured real perspectives and their own stories from community leaders, educators, and corporate sponsors who explained why Cobb County Safety Village is important and why they decided to get involved. By showing the children going through the immersive teaching, and drone footage of the mini replica of various landmarks around COBB COUNTY and Marietta Square, viewers get a better understanding of the value of such an endeavor.

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Partnering with Cobb County Safety Village

Client Testimonial

Slate 828 did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the Cobb County Safety Village. They were easy to work with and really took their time to understand what we do, where we are headed and how we impact the community. The videos they created were informative and state of the art.” These were also great tools for our board members to use for presentations in the community and providing to potential new donors. Thank you Slate 828!
Allison Carter, Director of Cobb County Safety Village

Client Profile

Director of Cobb County Safety Village: Allison Carter


Video Production: Slate828 Productions

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