Electronic Press Kit Case Study
Sirnoc | Hip Hop Superhero

The Need

In a world where hip hop music is growing in popularity, but often associated with adult topics and lyrics unfit for kids, Sirnoc wanted to be clear he was different. He wanted to book performances to family friendly audiences and promote his music as an uplifting version of hip hop that is 100% positive and clean with no derogatory lyrics or profanity.

The Solution

We produced an electronic press kit that is easily shared with managers, venues and event planners that included a video of Sirnoc as well as samples of his top songs to promote his style and mission.

Used: Emails and social media

Sirnoc | Hip Hop Superhero Video


We filmed an interview with Sirnoc asking him about the inspiration behind a few of his top songs, his core values, collaborations with well-known artists and why he is truly the hip hop Super Hero. We incorporated those signature songs into his interview as well as shots of him in the recording studio and around town.

Behind the scenes

Client Profile

Owner: Sirnoc | Hip Hop Superhero

Electronic Press Kit: Link

Video Production: Slate828 Productions

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